The Airship operated by Grayson with the help of Drake and Mia appears in The Haunted.

Overview Edit

This airship has a capacity of ten people, with four cannons, two for the port and starboard sides and 16 to 64 cannonballs in storage below decks. There are two decks on the ship, and it is operated by a balloon.

History Edit

It is unknown when the Empire started the use of these ships, or for the matter of fact how they even developed the technology to inflate balloons and insulate them for the ships.

This ship was parked at a Empire fleet camp little ways off of where the battle of "The Hunt" took place. It was hijacked by Grayson, Drake, and Mia after creating a diversion at the storage building. They take off and they were pursued by two other airships in the area.

With little knowledge of how to use cannons, they somehow managed to successfully take down one of the ships, with the other seemingly able to resist arrow fire from the hijackers. After experiencing magical attacks, the second pursuers take cover below decks, while the hijacked ship was slowly being destroyed by fire from the previous ship.

Grayson manages to crash land the ship while Drake uses bubble magic to shield the impact.

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