The Arctic is a location in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine.

Overview Edit

The geographic and magnetic North Poles are found here, as well as the Arctic Base and the Arctic Ruins. This location is known to be very cold, and it is the most northern part of the world.

History Edit

The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Edit

Drake and Armen find themselves here after escaping Herobrine's illusion. They soon meet Grayson, who had been stuck at the Arctic Base for three years ever since an endless snowstorm brewed. After introducing each other shortly after a tense meeting, Grayson offered them an empty room for the two to stay. The next day, the two decide to explore the base, finding its Oil Rig and then blood around it. Reporting back to Grayson, who speculates to be some injured wild animal, the two then decide to look around the computers. After some quick searching, they've discovered who has been up to many of the issues.

The next day, the three got to know each other a little more, before Drake and Armen confessed about their curse. They then convince Grayson to leave the base together, where they set out, only to find themselves in an unexplored part of the base, which Grayson had surprisingly not known of. It turns out that a rocket testing site was set where the rig was, and after accidentally activating it, the three escape through a mineshaft, but as it launched, it exploded and created a shockwave. In that event, it hit the three, injuring them.

They wake up to find some ruins. Deciding that it's the only way to go, the three explore the area, before being attacked by a floating bow. Attempting to fight it off, the three attempt to flee, only to find a book and then a portal, which lead them far into the future.

The Haunting Shorts Edit

"The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting" Edit

Subject is considered non-canon to The Haunting Cinematic Universe.

Finding a lost assailant, Drake and Grayson set out towards the Oil Rig to find him, before Drake was suddenly attacked and speculated to be killed after catching sight of who seems to be Collin, their other missing co-worker.

"The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - COLLINCAM.avi" Edit

After falling into an ice cave and not being able to exit, Collin has no choice but to explore the cave, using his water-damaged camera. As he approaches a figure, he camera beings to lose its feed.

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