Arctic Base Employees
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Type Workers,
Owner Unknown
Employees Grayson, Collin, Luke

The "Arctic Base Employees" were a group of four people, named Luke, Grayson and Collin that worked at an Oil Rig, in the middle of the Arctic. However, one by one the employees became missing, leaving Grayson the only employee to work at The Arctic Base. A few years later, Grayson left the Oil Rig, leaving the facility without any more employees.


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Grayson in The Haunting 3 Trailer

Grayson and Collin became employed at the oil rig, after waking up in the infirmary of the main base. Once they meet companions Luke, it was known that none of the 3 knew how they ended up in the base nor had any memory of the past. After working in the facility for some time, Collin suddenly turned out to be missing. No one was able to find him besides a video camera that was found in an Ice Cave (His disappearance was the cause of the 3 Year Snow Storm) Sometime later on, Grayson and Drake went out of the base to try to investigate a missing assailant, but only noticed that he was killed by Herobrine at the Oil Rig who was Collin to begin with.

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Armen reading the names of the Arctic Base Employees

After a great amount of time, Luke also went missing, as he was presumed to have also been killed by Herobrine. Three of their names were on doors to bedrooms: Grayson, Luke and Collin. There was also a spare room in the Arctic Base, which may once have belonged to a prior employee. After a period of time, only Grayson remained, and he was alone for three years before he met anybody else.


  • Grayson is a minecraftian, who used to work in an Oil Rig in the middle of The Arctic. He is adventurous, bold, and great in both mental & physical strength when it comes to a Battle or difficult circumstances.
  • Collin/Herobrine is widely believed to be the ghost of Notch's brother, Notch being the creator of Minecraft. However, the Haunting/ Haunted continunity seems to reflect something else. According to the Haunting, Herobrine was originally someone known as Collin.
  • Luke

Temporary ResidentsEdit

  • Drake is a young man who is half enderman and half human. He has the power to teleport and perform magic along with the ability to see visions that will help him out or have meaning in the future.
  • Armen is an energetic, brave, and Heroic Minecraftian. Armen grew up in Ruby Shire alongside Drake but eventually ended up in the House of Herobrine without any memory.


  • Drake possibly might have been an Arctic Base Employee as seen in The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting. There he was in the Arctic Base along with Grayson. It might be possibly Herobrine erased his memory. Also, this could be Luke.

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