The Arctic Ruins was a small, abandoned settlement haunted by Herobrine, situated in a snow biome near the Arctic Base . It was discovered by Drake, Armen after they mysteriously woke up in the base and left along with Grayson.


It is unknown what eventually happened to these ruins, however, it is assumed that they, along with the ruins of the Arctic Base, were completely destroyed over time, thus preventing them from ever returning to the Haunted series. The Arctic Ruins were seen in the Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Part 3.


The following is a list of times the Arctic Ruins were mentioned or seen in the Haunted.

The Haunting 3 Part 3Edit

The Arctic Ruins was the main location of this part of the third Haunting movie. Inside it had the portal, a chest made of crystals, and another chest from which Armen obtained a spear and Grayson obtained several red potions.

Episode 3Edit

In the Haunted: Witnesses, it was mentioned by Drake after he and Grayson had seen a floating diamond sword in the inn. The Arctic Ruins were the first place which was seen to have a floating weapon, the second being the Red Keep. The floating weapon was a bow and arrow, which succeeded in shooting both Drake and Grayson.