Xikroniczzs body-front
Background information
First episode "The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine - Minecraft Movie (Part 5)"
Latest episode "THE HAUNTED: Episode 13 - "The Magical Library""
Voice Xikroniczz
Character information
Full name Armenbrine
Other names Armen, Herobrine
Occupation Haunter/Hybrid
Love Interest
Home None
Relatives Collin
Pets None
Eye Color Cyan (right eye), white (left eye)
Allies Herobrine's Army
Enemies Drake, Grayson, Mia
Likes Spreading destruction, murdering innocents
Dislikes Drake's plans to destroy him
Powers and abilities Flight, teleportation, telekinesis, invisibility, shape-shifting, fire magic, water magic,
Weapons None
Armenbrine is a hybrid of Armen & Herobrine. Armenbrine is a dangerous, menacing, hostile, & destructive ghost. Armenbrine was spawned when Armen and Herobrine were at the point of death (falling into lava). Herobrine saved himself by entering Armen's body, and taking over it. It is unknown how it managed to save Herobrine, but it simply just happened. In the following Months, Armenbrine started attacking and destroying civilizations & people. It is mentioned by Drake, that Armen can overtake his body, but it is rare and difficult to do so. Armenbrine is a ghost, so he can do things as a ghost, that he can't do as a living person: He can go invisible, he can fly, his eyes can even light up! Armenbrine is also a shapeshifter, he can change his shape at will, he can be a man, a snake, maybe even a shark!

Armenbrine's next target is assumed to be Drake and Grayson.

1 APEdit

Although Armenbrine wasn't seen or heard in The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine, in the close end of the movie, Drake and Grayson try to take in the event of Armen and Herobrine's death. However, in the near end of the movie, in a small cave, there is a Minecraftian figure with white eyes. It is unknown if the two lights were the daylight or if it was indeed Armenbrine. If you look very closely, you'll see that it's just the ice and water.

For the past 4 years of his existence, he has left a trail of destruction and bloodshed wherever he goes. This has made Drake and Grayson aware of his existence, with Drake determined to rescue Armen. It is said that sometimes Armen regains control of his body, but only on rare occasions.

4 APEdit

Armenbrine is terrorizing Drake and Grayson as they take small journeys around The Red Keep Territory & Drake's House. After a few episodes, Armenbrine attacks The Red Keep along with the help of mobs. He took over The Red Keep and is Haunting it when Drake and Grayson see the After-Math in the small walled town. In the last minutes of Episode 4: Time, you can faintly hear him whisper "Drake" right before Drake sees him and falls into the water. He was also able to give Drake a warning when he fell into the whirlpool at the end of Episode 4 and the start of Episode 5. This is proof that Armen does have the power to regain control of at least his voice at some moments.


Armenbrine has been seen using many powers because of his combination of Herobrine and Armen. These powers include going invisible, seen in the Haunted: Witnesses when Drake and Grayson saw the floating diamond sword, shooting fireballs like his Nightmares, also seen in the Haunted: Witnesses, and shape shifting into many creatures, such as dogs and cats.


Armenbrine looks exactly like Armen from the Haunting 3. However, in ghost form there are burn marks all over his body, plus his shirt is ripped and one eye is pure white. His other eye seems to also be less bright than before.

Alive or DeadEdit

Alive or Dead? "Deadish, Undead, because he's a ghost" (Merged with Herobrine to spawn Armenbrine)

Both Armen and Armenbrine are played by Xikroniczz.

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