One of the main goals of The Haunted Wiki, and most other wikis, is to increase our article count. The number of articles a wiki has shows how complete it is and the hard work users have put into creating it. Although a high article count is one of our main goals, we do not encourage the creation of uneccessary or irrelevant articles.

Below are some specifics to article creation.

Unacceptable articlesEdit

Below are a list of unnacceptable articles. These types of articles will be deleted if created.

  • Articles not related to the The Haunted
  • Articles covering an overly specific topic (Example: Personality of Drake)
  • Articles singularly created for images (Example: Grayson Pictures). If you wish to add images about a certain character, add it to the gallery at the bottom of the page instead.
  • Duplicate articles. If one group is found, one will be chosen to be the page while others must be changed into redirects. Going into "Classic Editor" in "Source" mode, the article must have "#redirect [[<example article>]]" or "#REDIRECT [[<example article]]."
  • All articles containing reviews/opinions, gibberish, or personal advertisements. This must only appear in Forums, Comments, or Blogs.
  • Articles with no content. The "Stub" template must be used if article is relevant, but has no content.

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