Blaze (Icon)

A blaze is a mob with yellow skin and black eyes found in the Nether. Although blazes are able to fly, they will stay on the ground or sink down slowly in the air when not attacking. Blazes will attempt to swim upwards in lava much like regular mobs behave in water. When they see a player, they will start flying and attacking. They will catch fire briefly before shooting 3 fireballs in rapid succession. A short cool down period occurs between attacks.

The Haunted/Haunting BlazeEdit

The Blaze Mob is a minor antagonist in the Haunting 2: Second Life. They were only seen in the Desert Temple, where one set off some TNT and blew up the wall. Blazes look like flying heads with rods of fire hovering around it, and they sometimes catch alight. So far it is unknown if they will be seen in an upcoming Haunted Episode.