The Book of Prophecies is an item in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - Part 5.

Overview Edit

The Book of Prophecies was originally guarded by the Prophecy Tree. It was taken away from the tree by Grayson, who found each of their names inside. It claimed Armen was the Chosen One. It also told them that one of them was going to suffer, and the others to feel great pain. It is found in the basement of the Church of Notch.

History Edit

Discovering the Basement of the Church of Notch Edit

Entering the Church of Notch and discovering its basement, Drake, Armen, and Grayson investigate it, finding a set of armor made of Freezarite and the Prophecy Tree, along with a book it is seemingly keeping watch over. Grayson takes the book and reads it, revealing much information on how to destroy Herobrine.

The rest of the book was going to be read after the Fiery Sword was created, however Herobrine forced Grayson to throw it into some lava.