Biographical Information
Full Name Mia
Nickname(s) Bunsy
Sex Non-Binary
Birth date March 17
Born in
Eye color green
Hair color blonde
Occupation Artist, YouTuber, T-Shirt designer
Role Mia

Bunsfactory is a voice actress for The Haunted. She provided the voice of Mia.

She is one of the main artist for The Admin Chickens merchandise.

Biographical InformationEdit

At a young age, Bunsfactory enjoyed going outside, leaving at times for many hours. She has also broken her right collarbone several times in the same place, that it has become permanently fractured.

"So, when I was little I had this thing for going outside and just leaving for hours on end. Freaked my mum out, cause she kept thinking I was kidnapped or something, when I was really just in the woods somewhere climbing a tree or something."

"I also had a talent for breaking bones. Like, I have broken my right collarbone so many times in the same place there is now just a permanent fracture. Yeah, little me could really deal with pain." - Bunsfactory (2015)


The HauntingEdit


  • Bunsfactory started YouTube on June 22, 2014.
  • Her first video is titled, 'Let's Play Minecraft! Vampire Z'



Early SketchesEdit

Modified Merc. WorkEdit

To see more please click here, RejectedShotgun | Redbubble


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