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Biographical Information
Full Name Maiya K.
Nickname(s) Bunsy
Miss Mia
The Archaeologist (The Haunted)
Sex Non-Binary (prefers female pronouns)
Birth date March 17 1999
Born in
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Occupation Voice Actress
T-Shirt designer
Website [N/A N/A]
Role Mia

Bunsfactory is a voice actress and artist for The Haunted series. She (preferred pronoun) portrays the secondary protagonist Mia. She created merchandise for The Admin Chickens, most notably T-Shirts. She is also creating the comic arc of The Haunted franchise. She is a former The Admin Chickens helper and currently a member of Evergreen Studios.


Early Life Edit

At a young age, Bunsfactory enjoyed going outside, leaving at times for many hours. She has also broken her right collarbone several times in the same place, that it has become permanently fractured.

"So, when I was little I had this thing for going outside and just leaving for hours on end. Freaked my mum out, cause she kept thinking I was kidnapped or something, when I was really just in the woods somewhere climbing a tree or something."

"I also had a talent for breaking bones. Like, I have broken my right collarbone so many times in the same place there is now just a permanent fracture. Yeah, little me could really deal with pain." Bunsfactory, 2015

Helping The Admin Chickens Edit

Bunsfactory began helping out The Admin Chickens some time during the production of The Haunted Season 1, making merchandise, mainly T-Shirts designing for The Admin Chickens' merchandise website.

Production in The Haunted Season 1 Edit

Partway through the filming of episodes 6 of season 1, Bunsfactory and xikroniczz join in, with Bunsfactory portraying as Mia. Bunsfactory continued throughout the season, with a brief absence on episode 10, but then continuing all the way until the season finale.

The Admin Chickens' Disbandment Edit

At some point, RejectedShotgun dissolved The Admin Chickens and joined the Overwatch Crew, due to his entertainment dedicated respectfully towards Overwatch.

Joining Evergreen Studios Edit

At the same time, Bunsfactory joins Evergreen Studios and she continues to work on The Haunted.

Production of The Haunted Comic. Edit



The HauntedEdit


  • Bunsfactory started YouTube on June 22, 2014.
  • Her first video is titled, 'Let's Play Minecraft! Vampire Z'



Early SketchesEdit

Modified Merc. WorkEdit

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