Bureaucrats are users on Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki who have been granted more user rights than FANDOM Users, Registered Users, Autoconfirmed Users, and Administrators, however, less user rights than Bots and Founders.

User Rights Edit

A bureaucrat has the following user rights:

  • Appointing new bureaucrats
  • Revoke user rights from Sysops
  • Grant user rights to Sysops
  • Revoke own user rights
  • Block FANDOM Users due to violation of the wiki
  • Block Registered Users due to violation of the wiki
  • Block Autoconfirmed Users due to violation of the wiki
  • Grant and revoke both the Chat Moderator and Discussion Moderator rights
  • Edit the wiki's design via ThemeDesigner
  • Edit whitelisted MediaWiki pages
  • Delete and move protected pages
  • Delete and move files
  • Undelete pages and files
  • Rollback edits
  • Reupload files
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Patrol pages if RecentChanges Patrol is activated
  • Deleting and restoring threads and replies from users
  • Close and open threads
  • Manage forums boards (moving threads)
  • Moderate chat
  • Delete blog comments
  • Edit and delete article comments
  • Moderating Discussions

Bureaucrats are automatically given the user rights of Sysops.

Gaining Privileges Edit

To become a bureaucrat, a Registered User must either:

  • Be granted user rights by Founders
  • Be granted user rights by FANDOM Staff

Any founders are automatically given the user rights of Bureaucrats.

Losing Privileges Edit

Bureaucrats may lose their user rights due to the following:

  • User himself/herself decides to remove them
  • Founders remove the user rights from targeted user

Current Bureaucrats Edit

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