Drake's House
Drake's bedroom entrance
Type Mountain structure
Location Unknown
Owner RejectedShotgun
First episode "Reunion"
Latest episode "Journey to the Red Keep"
Appearances 2

Drake's house is a small number of buildings sitting on top of a once orc-infested mountain in the ocean. According to Drake, his house is a very magical place, even with water which can be used for sleeping magic. It has his study in one building, where he does not often go, the teleportation building, where his teleportation circle is, and his bedroom. Inside the bedroom, there is a secret button on a wall that causes another wall to open up, which has a ladder down into the mountain where Drake's private area is. This area has lots of one-way glass for looking out of the mountain, as well as candles lighting it. Like Grayson's house, it also has a secret area within this secret area, which is the chamber of the Sacred Diamond. According to Drake, the Sacred Diamond was there before he arrived, and was the reason he was drawn to the place to begin with. It is now concealed in a case of pure titanium, levitating above a powerful magic seal through electromagnets. This causes nobody, not even somebody with magic power, to be able to find the diamond.