Categories are pages that help editors organize articles. An example of a category would be Characters. Categories can be added to any page and are located at the very bottom of an article. The Clone Wars Wiki has had a bad category problem, so please read the guidelines below to become familiarized with the do's and dont's of categories. Remember it is not impossible to change or remove a policy. Just contact an administrator if you wish to do so.


  • Do not add duplicate categories to articles
  • Try to spell categories correctly
  • Do not create a category if there is already one similar to it. For example, Male characters and Males
  • Keep categories generally broad. An example of an unacceptably narrow category would be Citadel episodes.
  • Do not create questionable categories such as Heroes or Main Characters. This is because It is highly debatable whether a character should be categorized as a Hero or not.
  • Like images, if you use common sense when adding categories, these rules above should not be burdensome


"Season Categories" (ex. Season 1, Season 4)

Season categories should be used for episode articles only and not character articles. When this category is applied to characters, it is not distinct. If you don't understand what I mean by "not distinct" think to yourself and compare it to categories like Creatures or Male Characters.


The Characters category should only be used on character articles. It should not be used on group articles like Wolfpack etc. because Wolfpack is not a character. The same goes for the Male Characters and Female characters categories. Droids should not be categorized as male characters or female characters as they are genderless.

Dead Characters

The Dead Characters category should only be used on articles about singular characters, not groups or types of Mobs.

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