Circle Talisman
Vital statistics
Type Magical Item
Effects Teleportation marker
Magic signature shield
Source Unknown
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
A Circle Talisman or Teleportation Circle is a magical item in Season 1 and Season 2 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit


Drake discovering an ancient Teleportation Circle - The Haunted: Journey To The Red Keep

A teleportation circle is a ring of runes which only a magic user like Drake can create. When it is created, it will begin to take away from any energy around it, including plant life. 

When a magic user wishes, they can teleport to any teleportation circle they know of. They cannot, however, "scan" for any nearby circles, instead they must find/create one themselves. They can also use this to teleport to any location that they can think of, or towards an being. 

History Edit

Prior to The Haunted Edit

"Armenbrine" Edit

Armenbrine uses this after destroying a farm.

"The Haunted: Drake Trailer" Edit

Drake creates and uses it to transform into an Enderman.

The Haunted Edit

"Reunion" Edit

Drake uses this to teleport back from Grayson's house, bringing Grayson and Slimey along.

"Journey to the Red Keep" Edit

Drake discovers a teleporation circle in the middle of a forest near Alduin's Keep. He then speculates that it's ancient, with evidence of how overgrown and thick the vegetation is in the area.

"Sunken Treasure" Edit

Drake sets one down in the basement of the House of Herobrine with the help of Grayson to clear out the area. He also states that it shields any magical signature/influence within the house.

At the Inn, a cat steals this along with other items, however, Grayson notices and takes them back from the cat.

"The Gateway" Edit

Drake uses this to find Grayson. He teleports himself using this circle to a desert, where he finds Grayson in a nearby structure.