[[File:Grayson's Crossbow|210px|Grayson holding his crossbow]]
Grayson holding his crossbow
Vital statistics
Type Ranged weapon
Effects Ranged attacks
Source The Empire
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Crossbows are ranged weapons used by Grayson and Mercenaries in The Haunted and The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine.

Overview Edit

These weapons appear to be sideways Bows, with the exception that there is a clip at the back to keep the string pulled, until a trigger found near the handle is pulled, releasing the string with a bolt fired. Bolts are usually made of wood, but can be made up of other materials. These can kill enemies within three to five shots, except for Armenbrine, who's immune to normal bolts.

History Edit

This weapon was found in a chest at the Blacksmith Shop down the path from the House of Herobrine. Grayson takes it with him, replacing his Bow and Arrows that he used on previous adventures. Grayson loses his crossbow when he enters the Demon Portal, along with his Dragon Egg and other possessions.

These are commonly used by Mercenaries and it is either a very preferred weapon or standard-issue for the Empire. However, Mercenary Captains use Bows rather than crossbows.