Dragon Egg
[[File:Dragon Egg|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Type Magical Item
Effects Develop an Ender Dragon fetus
Grant magical powers to other Ender species
Source Unknown (possibly the End)
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
The Dragon Egg (also known as the Ender Dragon Egg) is an item held by Grayson in The Haunted and The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine.

Overview Edit

Not much is known where these originated or how they ever got into the Overworld, but these give off mass amounts of magic and are speculated to develop an Ender Dragon before hatching. However, they require a special process to be hatched, which is found at a Draco Hatchery. It also grants powers to certain beings, possibly Endermen, including Drake.

History Edit

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Grayson Holding The Dragon Egg.

The Dragon Egg is the last egg of an Ender Dragon in The Haunted universe. The Egg was under the custody of The Empire of the West. Shortly after the war ended, Grayson went on a into the ruins of the palace and took the Dragon Egg and later became a fugitive of the Eastern Empire, who had won the war. It is unknown what the Empire wanted with the Dragon Egg. Although he took the egg, he still has no way of hatching the egg, without destroying it. Therefore, he needs to go to the Magical Library to find a book or spell, that tells him how to hatch the Egg. At the library, Drake finds a map for him showing a Draco Hatchery, so that was where Grayson went after. The Dragon's Egg is also known to be the reason why Drake has his magical powers, as, according to Grayson, "magic died out when the dragons did". Grayson currently holds the egg, as he took it with him through the portal. His location and the location of the egg are currently unknown.

The egg was lost upon Grayson's entering of the Demon Portal, which had rejected all belongings as well as magical abilities.