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This page is comprised of Drake's Relationships with other characters in The Haunted World. Drake is Smart, Idealistic, & The Man with the Plan.



"Can I get a Ham Sandwich? I guess."

- Drake to Armen (The Haunting: Minecraft Movie)

Drake and Armen had no sense of memory from their past, leaving them to think they were long close friends. They believed that as they bought a house and moved in together, protecting one another and helping each other out as they try to survive the nights with Herobrine haunting them. Drake would think as Armen as a brother.

Drake's serious and alarm personality mixes surprisingly well with Armen's goofier and positive side.

When Drake explored the biomes alongside with Armen, he would always look back and see if Armen was coming along. Drake would always make sure he is okay.

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"What? doing here?! It's been like 4 years!"

- Drake to Grayson (The Haunted: Reunion, Season 1; Episode 1)


"Alright listen. Do not go to The Red Keep. I don't know if you seen it recently or anything, just do not go there, whatever you do."

- Drake to Mia (The Haunted: Sunken Treasure, Season 1; Episode 6)

Drake seems to be quite friendly with Mia, as he laughs at her comments on their adventures, such as in Episode 7, when she comments that she is slightly disappointed that there are no dead bodies in a tomb that they find, he quickly giggles at her response. He also plays along with her when she is simply goofing around, such as a moment earlier on, in the same episode where she pokes her head around a corner and says "Hello!", Drake responds with a "Hello!" back, and another time when the two were joking and laughing about when they leave the catacombs and get into the sunlight.

The two also care for each other's safety a great deal, as whenever Mia is seen wondering off or becoming a little spaced-out, Drake stays by her and calls her back. When she apologizes for doing so, Drake instantly forgives her, showing that he doesn't mind her overly curious nature. The feelings are shown to be mutual, as when Drake chased off many mobs when in the catacombs, Mia would desperately call for him to return, implying that she places his safety quite highly.


"OW! OW! That's not what happened to you! OW!"

- Drake to Grayson (The Haunted: Journey To The Red Keep, Season 1; Episode 2)



Armenbrine only ever appears to physically interact with Drake, but never verbally. At the most, Armen is simply seen attacking and hurting Drake, while Drake is the only one who is susceptible to the attacks and the only one who can see him. Throughout all episodes, Armenbrine appears in Drake's vision, but either decides to ignore him or misses him by accident. There is no trace of the original Armen in the newly incarnated Armenbrine, but Drake is shown to blame this on Herobrine.


Herobrine has haunted Drake for a long time, since before Armen was killed. To begin with, Drake was terrified of Herobrine and wanted to get rid of him, but now Drake seems to bear a good deal of hatred toward the evil spirit. He even blames the spirit for Armenbrine, believing that the spirit is merely using his old friend's body to attack and kill him.

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In both The Haunted & The Haunting, Drake nor both Armen & Grayson, have mentioned about his family.

Love InterestEdit

Drake's Love Interest hasn't been seen on both The Haunted & The Haunting.