Dream World
Type Imaginary World, Armen's Happy Place
First episode "Origins"
Latest episode "Origins"
Appearances 1

The Dream World (Dream World, The) is an imaginary world/hallucination in somebody's mind. Every single person has one. The Dream World has been seen in episode 10 (Origins). Everything in the world is fake and won't harm you, but it will make you feel as if you're going crazy.


Screenshot 2015-02-21 at 2.42.42 PM

Drake and Armen taking a route to escape The Dream World.

The Dream World was first officially named in episode 10 as an illusion/hallucination of your past memories that then lead up to the present. Not much is known about this world, besides that Drake and Armen have possibly been in it before, in The Haunting 3 when they "were" in Ruby Shire. In The Dream World, Drake learns stuff he never knew about Armen, Armen said he remembered everything, his family, his brother (Collin) and even when Drake trapped him in an attempt to save him. If you're in The Dream World, nothing will hurt you, but it'll make you feel as if you're going insane. You'll feel like you've gone so crazy that you might not even know what you're saying! Proof of this is when Armen said "it's all fake! This is all fake, there's no way you're gonna save me! Drake, do not save me!"

People Seen in the Dream WorldEdit

  • Armen was seen as his normal self, without his left eye being white, nor clothes and body being dirty. Armen was possibly controlling the Dream World.
  • Drake has been seen as a vision/hallucination body in the Dreamworld, but none the less, still looks the same
  • Grayson at first was seen as "the man from the jungle" by Armen, but then confirmed that it was Grayson, his friend.
  • Blacksmith (Paganum)
  • Mia as a statue.

Known Places In the Dream WorldEdit


  • Drake and Armen are powerful enough to be in one mind's Dream World.

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