Empire camps are scattered all over the Badlands and near the Empire. These are inhabited by the Empire Militia and have a poor strategy of defense in ways.

Appearances Edit

These camps have a wall made of wood, with a perimeter of explosive mines, a storage on one far side of the camp, flags around the walls with defense platforms on them for defenders armed with crossbows to guard the camps. They also have towers in them. The first type is for guarding and the second type is for access to an airship. Each tent has a capacity of two people and the sizes of the camps vary. A few number of camps are a base for an entire fleet of Empire soldiers. Others are for exploration and keeping order to lands of the south. Some of them appeared to be abandoned, like the one near the Red Keep.

Known Locations Edit

Red Keep Edit

There is one near the Red Keep, but this one was abandoned probably a long time before the attack of the Red Keep. It is found beside the river separating the two countries near the big bridge leading to the Empire. It is seen off to the side in Memories and encountered in Sunken Treasure.

Iron Myre (near it, but not in its vicinity) Edit

This one is found a distance away from Grayson's house. This one is inhabited with about ten soldiers. Drake, Grayson, and Mia investigate it, finding money, and the captain's journal, stating that the camp had found Grayon's safehouse location. It is encountered in The Hunt.

Shoreline Edit

This is a big one found at the edge of the Badlands, being on the shore. This one serves as a base camp for the Empire in the Badlands and inherits an entire fleet of airships with more defenses than a regular camp, having not just troops guarding, but mines scattered around the area.

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