Empire Civil War
Vital statistics
Participants Eastern Empire
Western Empire
Date Sometime before "MEMORIES (short)"
Location The Empire, Minecraftia

The "Empire Civil War" was an event that had taken place before the events of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

This war had involved the two Empires, East and West fighting each other. It is not known whether Grayson participated in it, but is was known he was the right-hand man to the Emperor of the West, as one of the best Mercenaries.

In the end, the Western Empire (where Grayson and his family lived) fell and the Eastern Empire wanted to recover special artifacts from the West, only to find out a month after that Grayson had taken one of their most prized artifacts: the Dragon Egg. After that, they burnt down his house, executed his family, and sent Mercenaries out to hunt Grayson down.

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