Entity 303
Background information
First episode "Entity 303 (Short)"
Latest episode "Entity 303 (Short)"
Voice N/A
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names 303
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Love Interest Unknown
Home Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Pets Unknown
Eye Color Red
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unnamed man from "Entity 303 (Short)"
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Distortion
Weapons Unknown
Quote N/A
Entity 303 is a character that appeared in The Haunting Expanded Universe.

Overview Edit

This character wears white with darkened spots all over, and a completely black face with red eyes. It is speculated to be a being that was either the creation of Herobrine, the creator of Herobrine, or a separate being that is potentially as powerful as Herobrine and possibly his enemy or ally, however, this has not been decided yet.

History Edit

"Entity 303 (Short)" Edit

This takes place in a random survival world in Minecraft. As the person walks out of the cave and into the woods, he meets Entity 303 before mysteriously experiencing nausea and weird visions.