The Episode Policy is how you make (or edit) an episode article.

Episode InfoboxEdit

The Episode Infobox, using the template "Episode" will help you make the information easier. It will have the name of the episode, and information about it (i.e. It aired July 1, 2000). Also remember to always set the text color as white.


You also need to add the quote. You use template "Quote" and type in the quote or saying of the episode. You do that right under the Episode Infobox.


The template "Transcript" must also be used and it must be put after the "Episode" template. This will link to the transcript of the episode on the current article.

Starter ParagraphEdit

The starter paragraph should state the basic information like this:

"<episode name>" is the <place> episode in Season <number> of The Haunted, making its debut on <date> on <Producer>'s <type of media>. This is chronologically the <place> in The Haunting franchise, taking place after the events of <episode/movie/short>.

(Ex. "Reunion" is the first episode in Season 1 of The Haunted, making its debut on June 24, 2014 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel. This is chronologically the fifteenth, in The Haunting franchise, taking place after the events of "Armen's Corruption.")


The official description from YouTube. The "Quote" template is recommended to be used here.


Characters are found in this section. They should be placed in order by appearance, then mention, and then flashback or vision.

  1. <character>
  2. <character> (mentioned)
  3. <character> (flashback/vision)


A section telling about the episode. Pictures may also be added here. It should appear like this:

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Here is where the Gallery is found. The Gallery button should be used and captions for the images are recommended. All images must be taken from the episode itself.


Here is where the production and casting goes.


Here is where the casting for the episode is shown. It should appear like this:

  1. <actor/actress> - <character>

(Ex. RejectedShotgun - Drake)

Production <(production group)>Edit

Here are the people who worked on the production for the episode. It should appear like the following:

  1. <producer> - <purposes>

(Ex. RejectedShotgun - Camera Man, Editor, Producer)

Other InformationEdit

Here is where all other information of the episode goes.


Music is used in many episodes. If the artist is not available, "unknown artist" is the replacement. They should appear like this:

  1. "<song>" - <artist>

(Ex. "Cloister of Redemption" - Jens Kiilstofte)


Any information that does not fit in with all other sections of the article would appear here. Note that Trivia is not any facts that are irrelevant to the episode or series. It should appear like this:

  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

(Ex. "Sombre" is the very first song used in The Haunting franchise.)


If an episode hasn't aired yet and you've already made the page, it will most likely get deleted if it didn't have a reference. You will get a note from the creator of the wiki and the founder will tell you where you got the information from.

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