Evergreen Studios
Leader Gamecrown
Members Gamecrown
Sarah (TBC)
Years Active 1 year
Former Members
Origin Disbandment of The Admin Chickens
Active Until More

Evergreen Studios (formerly known as Evergreen Productions) is a production group for The Haunted series. They have officially taken ownership of The Haunted on June 13, 2017.

Overview Edit

Evergreen Studios is a team consisting of six (potentially seven) members. The first known member is Gamecrown96. They will produce The Haunted through animations, comics, possibly Minecraft (TBD) and possibly live-action (TBC).

History Edit

Evergreen Studios formed around early June of 2017, created by Gamecrown after RejectedShotgun - Overwatch News decided to leave The Admin Chickens, thus dissolving its leadership and leading to its disbandment.

So far, Evergreen Studios has produced 1 short in The Haunted franchise, and will be continuing to produce more.

Members Edit

Current Edit

  1. Gamecrown96
  2. LegitxxGlitch
  3. ShadowSiren66
  4. Bunsfactory
  5. Tanner
  6. Hailey

To Be Confirmed Edit

  1. Sarah

Former Edit

  1. N/A

Helpers Edit

  1. Kendell
  2. TheRealAndian

Productions of The Haunted Edit

Episodes Edit

Season # Episode Ep. # Aired Prod. Code YT Channel
2 Untitled The Haunted Episode 3 TBA 203 TBA

Shorts Edit

Short Aired YT Channel
Memories (short) June 13, 2017 Gamecrown96
Untitled The Haunted Short TBA TBA

Graphic Novelization Edit

Volume Title Released Producer
TBA Untitled The Haunted Comic TBA TBA

External Links Edit

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