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Biographical Information
Full Name Grayson Marcus
Sex Male
Birth date July 30, 1996
Born in Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color Green
Hair color Strawberry Blonde = Grayson
Role Grayson

Gamecrown96 is an actor for The Haunted and The Haunting. He provided the voice of Grayson and played several additional characters. He is also one of the main set designers.

Gamecrown96 is part of The Admin Chickens.

Gamecrown is unsure of how or when the Haunted will ever continue.  The group will continue the project whenever the time is ready, for now its on halt. - Tyler

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  • Grayson's first video is titled, "Dovahjoor Fringol".
  • He has been on YouTube for 3 years.
  • His YouTube channel had began to use his own opening (sort of like The Admin Chickens, but his own) on February 17, 2016
  • He changed his MC account from Gamecrown96 to Gamecrown
    • This was seen first in The Gateway episode of The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine series.