A Ghost is a translucent Zombie-Pig which was found in the capital city of Iron Myre. Grayson, Drake and Armen first saw one when they were trying to find The Imperial Forge Grayson first said " Whoa whoa whoa whoa!" and Drake said " What the Hell? That, it's like a ghost!" Armen said " What the?" "Is i... is it hostile?" Grayson asked." Where's it going?" asked Armen. And then Grayson said, "is it...killable?" Grayson hit it and it started coming for him. He said "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" And was able to kill it with his sword. Another ghost appeared outside a house and was the ghost of a dog. When Drake saw it he said, "Please tell me ghosts aren't real, please tell me ghosts aren't real, please!" It spooked Drake and Grayson, but Armen somehow felt touched. "Oh my God, no way!" he said, then he asked "Can I pet you?" and then a Herobrine Headache occurred and the dog vanished from sight and was never to be seen again. 

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