This article is about the character in The Haunted. For the voice actor, see Gamecrown96.
Background information
First episode "Reunion"
Latest episode "The Magic Library"
Voice Gamecrown96
Character information
Full name Grayson (Unknown)
Other names
Age Unknown
Occupation Traveler
Love Interest Wife (formerly)
Home Traveler (No permanent home)
Relatives Wife and Child
Pets Slimy (Formerly)
Eye Color Dark Green
Allies Drake, Armen (formerly), Mia, Slimy, Collin (formerly), Paganum
Enemies Herobrine, Armen (Armenbrine), Nightmare, The Empire, Nightcrawlers, Cultist, Empire Assassin, Zombie, Blaze, Skeleton, Zombie Pigmen, The Mercenaries
Likes Traveling, Helping Others
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities
Weapons Andruin (Thaumium Broadsword), Bow and Arrow/Crossbow, Musket
Quote (Not Done)

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"Grayson" is a young minecraftian, who formerly worked in an Oil Rig in the middle of an Arctic. He is adventurous, bold, and great in both mental & physical strength when it comes to a Battle or difficult circumstances. In a fight, he uses multiple weapons such as a sword, bow, and more. Grayson has been Haunted by Herobrine, but lost his memory of his Childhood/Teen hood before he was settled in the Arctic Base. Grayson is the man with the map and weapons, as he will help Drake get Armen back.


The following contains the History of Grayson.

Early Life

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.30.20 PM

In The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine, Grayson mentioned about his memory wipe. After some unknown mysterious events from Herobrine, Grayson randomly appeared in the Arctic Base with no memory at all. Due to his loss of memory, he recieved a job in the oil rig and lived in the base for years, thinking he always worked there. However, under unknown circumstances, possibly due to Herobrine, a never ending storm began and the entire team except for him started disappearing, possibly to be killed by Herobrine. Interestingly, someone by the name of Collin went missing as well, sharing a name with Herobrine's true name. It is also believed by both Drake and Armen that Grayson was the 'old man' who had arrived first in the jungle, a month before Armen, and had wrote messages on the wall in the jungle cabin. It is speculated that Grayson may have once been the repairman who was going to fix up the basement in the House of Herobrine before the events of the Haunting: Minecraft Movie, but disappeared.

The Haunting Adventures

The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.24.24 PM

Grayson holding a Bow Gun in front of Drake & Armen.

In the Haunting 3, Drake and Armen teleported to his infirmary by accident. Believing them to be intruders, Grayson held both of them at gunpoint asking how they arrived to begin with. Eventually believing their story, Grayson gives Drake and Armen hospitality, but eventually joins them in their escape of the Haunted Arctic Base.

Once Grayson explored The Arctic Ruins with Drake and Armen (Not Done Yet)

The Haunted Adventures

Season 1: Drake

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.36.56 PM

Grayson reuniting with his family as a ghost in a FanFilm created by SineAndy

It is known that Grayson had a family after parting with Drake, including a wife and a son. Later on, he worked his way in the ranks of the Empire, earning himself a seat as the Emperor's right hand man, becoming the commander of the Empire's armies. He was known to have been very wealthy and very powerful, living in a city called Emerald City. 2 years later since parting with Drake, Grayson became an outlaw in the eyes of the Empire, due to him having possession of an object known as the Dragon Egg. Because of this, the Empire executed his family and burned his house, destroying the armor he got from the Hall of Heroes. Despite the circumstance, he has been constantly attempting to locate a place known as the Magical Library, where he believes a method for hatching the Egg awaits.

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.38.23 PM

Grayson heading to his "house" with Drake

2 years later, still struggling to find the Magical Library, he reunites with Drake and decides to help him on his quest to save Armen. While trying to both help save Armen & finding the Magical Library, he goes on many journeys with Drake by his side,and while trying to fight away from Armenbrine & his helpers.

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Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 2.51.06 PM

Grayson putting on glasses he found in a chest.

Grayson is Bold, Adventurous, & a great fighter. He is also the "Map Guy", respectful, and simply fun to be with. Grayson will always make sure the people he is travelling with are okay, and pushes them to face their fears. He takes risks & doesn't think of the negative & bad ideas.

Grayson is possibly the highest ranked fighter out of Armen and Grayson, but is not as great a idealistic and thinker, compared to Drake. He is considered in the middle of the ranking table between Armen and Drake in terms of seriousness. Grayson is not as serious as Drake (proof of him putting on glasses in Episode 5), but not as goofy and comedic as Armen.


Battle Skills

Grayson has a prowess in battle, and seems to have lots of knowledge about weaponry, both ranged and melee. He is known to do lots of damage to enemies using primitive weapons, and this prowess has earned himself the title of "The Commander".

Bow and Arrow/Crossbow

Grayson is quite skilled with either bow, and almost never misses what he aims at. It is speculated that he is better with a crossbow than with an ordinary bow, as he replaced his bow and arrow for a crossbow and bolts.


At the Arctic Base, Grayson often used a musket, which let off a loud noise when shot. This weapon may have been used before he became a great fighter, as his aim was terrible, almost hitting Drake and Armen numerous times.

Andruin (Thaumium Broadsword)

Andruin was the sword used by Grayson during his career in mercenary. He is quite skilled with it, as he could easily defend himself from an assassin with the sword.

(Part Not Done Yet)


Screenshot 2015-02-24 at 7.33.05 PM

Grayson's "Haunted" wear.

In the Haunting 3, Grayson had two outfits, both basically the same. On the Arctic Base, he had blue jeans, a long, grey undershirt and a green top. He also wore black gloves. Later, he wore the same blue jeans, just a plain, dark green shirt and the same color gloves.

In the Haunted, he wore exactly the same as he did in the Haunted, however he also wore a black jacket over his green shirt. He always had blond hair and green eyes. Throughout the Haunted, he has also changed his gloves, using green gloves and black gloves.


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Episode Appearances

Prod. Code Episode Notes
102"Journey to the Red Keep"
106"Sunken Treasure"
107"Catacombs (Part 1)"
108"Catacombs (Part 2)"
109"The Hunt"
110"Origins"Small Line ; "Yeah, go get it." - Grayson to Mia

Prod. Code Episode Notes

Prod. Code Episode Notes

Prod. Code Episode Notes


Grayson is played by Gamecrown96.

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