This page is comprised of Grayson's Relationships with other characters in The Haunted World. Grayson is adventurous, bold, & great in both physical and mental strength.

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It has been speculated that Grayson may love Mia. These started on Twitter as a comment to a picture of fan art called "Mia: Expectation's vs. Reality" by Mrs. Six. Bunsfactory replied "Funny....this will be happening in episode 7." She later explained that the she was talking about the second part of the picture, implying that Mia and Grayson will show love interest to each other. However, none of this has occurred yet, neither in Episode 7 nor Episode 8, thus proving the claim may have been false. But it hasn't been confirmed that the ship won't sail in the future.

This claim was a joke. Grayson is a widowed man please don't force a nonexistent ship on them. Thanks.





The Empire AssassinEdit



Grayson's WifeEdit

Grayson's SonEdit

Love InterestEdit

Grayson's (Dead) WifeEdit

"Drake, when I came to these lands I made a family here. I had a wife and son and well, I was wealthy, I was respected, I lived in Emerald City."

-Grayson to Drake (The Haunted: Memories, Season 1; Episode 5)

Although Grayson rarely mentioned his love interest, it is only known he had a wife for a short period of time. When Grayson traveled and settled in the lands of Emerald City, he married his wife and had a child together. However, when Grayson took Dragon Egg his wife and child were executed and his home burned down with some belongings, leaving Grayson to roam the lands once again.

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