The Haunted AdventuresEdit

Season 1: DrakeEdit

Screenshot 2015-02-20 at 5.01.12 PM

Drake traveling the "new" lands.

After Armen sacrificed his life to protect Drake and Grayson, Drake started exploring the Badlands. A few months later, in his exploration, he discovered that Armen was alive, but had merged with Herobrine. Two years before the Haunted, he used a spell, and removed some of Herobrine's influence, but ended up storing it within himself; as a result, his eye turned white. 2 years later, Drake is now on the search for survivors from the destruction caused by "Armenbrine", and is attempting to save Armen by any means possible. After those 4 Years, Drake and Grayson reunited once again and began their own quest together in search for the Red Keep.
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Drake and Grayson returning to the Red Keep after the attack.

As they explored the Red Keep, their discoveries were postponed after Armenbrine attacked the medieval town. They evacuated the town and returned the next day to make sure Armenbrine wasn't there. After returning to the city, Drake and Grayson discovered a secret "subway" that gave them a strong sign that they were indeed in the future, but in a Medieval Time future. Once they left the keep, Drake got injured and had to stay in The House of Herobrine with the company of Grayson. One week passed and he was ready to travel in hopes in finding the magical library, but instead was stopped by Mia who needed help finding an ancient artifact.
Screenshot 2015-02-20 at 5.03.51 PM

Drake, Grayson, & Mia leaving the Catacombs from Armada.

After retrieving the artifact, Drake along with Mia & Grayson discussed their future plans and began the journey once again into the catacombs, under Armada. They explored the confusing caves and managed to get out sometime later, with another map to help find the Magical Library. Drake and the team left the catacombs and returned to Grayson's home, but then had to evacuate, due to an army of men outside ready to get rid of them. They left the property and went into a hideout, up until Armenbrine came insight and fought Team Haunting. Sometime after the battle, Drake, Grayson, and Mia retreated back into their hideout and Drake feel asleep, waking up in the "Dream World" with Armen. In the fake world, Drake experienced his past memories and discovered new truths about Armen, that he has never learned before. Drake escaped the Dream World by a different route and woke up back into the hideout.

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