The House of Herobrine (Armen and Collin's Home) is a haunted old house the was bought by Armen and his family. The house is located close to The Three Biomes, The Jungle Cabin, and the Blacksmith. According to the events in the Haunted: Armen's Prelude, Armen bought the house when it was not as destroyed, however left and somehow returned after his brother Collin killed his family. Drake then mysteriously showed up in the house, living a lie of how he bought the house with Armen.


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The opening theme for "Origins"

The history of the house is confusing, but yet understandable. Armen's parents were looking for a house one day, until he stumbled upon The House of Herobrine, before it was destroyed and haunted. All was great, until Armen's parent's got killed by Collin and later on Collin turning into Herobrine. After those events, Armen's memory was wiped and ended up living with Drake. Drake and Armen's memory was a lie of how they both bought the house and ended up together living in the house. Past the events of The Haunting 1 & 2, the two friends left the house abandoned and didn't come back besides Drake in some of The Haunted Episodes. The House of Herobrine was seen later on seen in Episodes 5 & 6, along in a dream in Episode 10 (Origins).


  • Armen (formerly)
  • Drake (formerly)
  • Collin (formerly)
  • Grayson (formerly)



The House of Herobrine is 12 blocks high and 14 in width for the front and back side of the building. As for the sides it is still 11 blocks high, but 15 in width, although the design in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine was slightly wider.


The House of Herobrine has five major rooms: the kitchen/living area, which seems to be half destroyed, with holes in the floor and roof; Armen's room; Drake's room; the attic; and the basement which both Armen and Drake are scared of going down.

House of Herobrine Grayson's perspective

The House of Herobrine, as shown in Grayson's behind the scenes video for ep. 10.


The attic runs along the back of the house, and is 5 blocks wide and 12 blocks long, with a height of 6 blocks. It is raised 4 blocks off of the bottom story and is separated from the rest of the house by a fence that runs along the outer edge.


The basement was thought to be a little room under the living room to store things in. It turns out that if you walk in and walk to the right there is a little opening with a door that leads into a mineshaft. If you go past that then there will be double doors then stairs that lead to bedrock. The bottom is believed to be HeroBrine's home.



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