Invar Sickle
[[File:Invar sickle|210px|Drake holding an Invar Sickle]]
Drake holding an Invar Sickle
Vital statistics
Type Sickle
Effects Fast melee attacks
Source Invar
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

An Invar Sickle is a sickle that Drake inherited in The Haunted.

Overview Edit

This weapon is silver in colour and has a wooden handle. The material, Invar, is a mixture of Nickel and Iron.

History Edit

Invar Sickles had become rare overtime and are found to be very valuable weapons. It is unknown why production/distribution of these weapons are stopped.

Drake in The Haunted Edit

Drake finds this along with Diamond Boots and a Diamond Helmet in a makeshift home. After he and Grayson looted the chest where it was found, Drake puts this in his backpack, which was left behind in the fight at the Magic Library. This is speculated to have been destroyed in the library's destruction.

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