Iron Shovel
[[File:Minecraft Iron Shovel|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Type Tool
Effects Efficient digging
Source Iron
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Iron Shovels are tools used by Drake and Grayson in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine and The Haunted.

History Edit

Drake in "The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Teaser" Edit

Drake is seen hold this tool out while investigating the area around the Arctic Base. Although this was never used at all, it was held out for the majority of the trailer.

Drake and Grayson in The Haunted Edit

At the House of Herobrine, Drake wanted to set a repelling magical spell in his basement to keep certain figures away from the house, so he and Grayson used shovels to clear out an area to mark a teleportation circle in the area.

Drake and Grayson are seen later with shovels. When infiltrating an Empire fleet camp, they head through a dug-out tunnel and use their shovels to dig right into the cache.

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