Ironwood Armour
[[File:Grayson's Armour II|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Type Armour
Effects Enhanced protection
Source Iron Myre
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Ironwood Armour is a set of armour used by Grayson in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine.

Overview Edit

This set of armour appears light purple with a light green gem on the middle of the chestplace. It is very durable against normal attacks, however, it is vulnerable to fire attacks. It is placed in a set with the Ironwood Sword.

History Edit

Not much is known about this set of armour, with the exception it was held very valuable along with its sword by the Iron Myre kingdom, being placed in a secret room of the Hall of Heroes.

Grayson finds this when the group discovers a secret room in the Hall of Heroes. He decides to use it while giving Armen the other set available. He uses the full set against the ghosts in Iron Port.

He kept this set in his villa in Emerald City, but his house was set on fire due to his crime of stealing the Dragon Egg, and it burned down his sword and set altogether.