Note: This article is only directed towards a fictional character featured in The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting and has no influence on The Admin Chickens and associated people.

Background information
First episode "The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting"
Latest episode "The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting"
Voice No actor
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names
Age Unknown
Occupation Arctic Base Employee
Love Interest Unknown
Home Arctic Base (temporary residence)
Relatives Unknown
Pets Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Allies Grayson (co-worker)
Luke (co-worker)
Drake (co-worker)
Armen (co-worker)
Collin (formerly) (former co-worker)
Enemies Herobrine
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Quote None
Jacob is a minor character featured in The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting. He is a former worker at the Arctic Base Oil Rig before going missing while at work. He is presumed dead by Grayson and Drake after they both witnessed blood around the rig.

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