The Jungle Cabin was a place in the Jungle of the Three Biomes where Drake woke up in the Haunting 2: Second Life. It contained a bed, a furnace, a chest and a crafting table. It also had some writing on the wall, written by the Old Man. This described his meeting of Armen in the jungle, who eventually found Drake as he returned from trying to find the centre temple in the centre of the Three Biomes.

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After getting the Sacred Diamond from the snow and jungle temples, they were teleported back to the Jungle Cabin to escape Herobrine. After they left to find the Desert temple, it was not seen again in the second Haunting movie.

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The Jungle Cabin has also made a cameo appearance in the Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine as Drake was dreaming. When he looked around, he asked himself, referring to the blank signs on the wall, "Shouldn't there be... words on the signs?".

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The Jungle Cabin also made a cameo appearance in the Haunted: Sunken Treasure, in an overgrown forest nearby the remains of the House of Herobrine. The Jungle Cabin was recognised by Grayson, but not by Drake. The overgrown forest is possibly now all that remains of the Three Biomes.

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