In the Badlands, several kingdoms once existed. These kingdoms were called Iron Myre, Algaria, Whitewater, Silveridge, and Armada. However, with Herobrine leading his army, he wiped all of them out, beginning with Armada, followed by Silveridge, who pleaded the other three countries for help before it was destroyed. After Silveridge, the armies of Iron Mere, Algaria and Whitewater were defeated and both Whitewater and Algaria were destroyed. Iron Mere was never actually mentioned being completely destroyed, as the capital city was able to survive and successfully defeated Herobrine, however Grayson's book tells that after Herobrine was vanquished, a new cult was born, christened the Cult of Herobrine. It seems by the state of the capital city seen in the Haunting 3 that the cultists successfully brought Herobrine back to Iron Mere and destroyed the city. While it is unknown if these kingdoms ever recovered, Grayson's book may be proof that some survived the slaughter.

The Kingdoms could have risen to power some time after Grayson, Drake and Armen went into the portal at the Arctic Base and Herobrine destroyed all technology.