The following list are Songs used in The Haunted series.

Season 1: Drake Edit

"Reunion" Edit

  1. "Dancing with and Angel" - Ridvan Düzey
  2. "The Great Unknown" - Audionautix
  3. "Children of Despair" - Ridvan Düzey
  4. "Summer Rain" - Machinimasound
  5. "Seeking Loot" - Aaron Spencer
  6. "Winter Dawn" - PaponeMusic

"Journey to the Red Keep" Edit

"Witnesses" Edit

"Time" Edit

"Memories" Edit

"Sunken Treasure" Edit

"Campfire" Edit

"Catacombs (Part 1)" Edit

"Catacombs (Part 2)" Edit

"The Hunt" Edit

"Origins" Edit

"Infiltration" Edit

"Temptation" Edit

"The Magic Library" Edit

Season 2: Shadow of Herobrine Edit

"The Gateway" Edit

"Belly of the Beast" Edit

TBA Edit

The Haunted Shorts Edit

"Armenbrine" Edit

"Red Keep" Edit

"Armen's Prelude" Edit

"Armen's Reveal" Edit

"Armen's Corruption" Edit

"Armen's Wraith" Edit

"Memories (Short)" Edit

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