The following list are Soundtracks used in The Haunted series.

Season 1 Edit

Name Duration Writer Episodes
"Dancing With an Angel"
"The Great Unknown"
"Children of Dispair"
"Summer Rain"
"Seeking Loot"
"Winter Dawn"
"Fields of Green"
"Savannah Dusk"
"Towards the End"
"The Last of Humanity"
"Cloister of Redemption"
"Ghost Story"
"Epic Intro Music"
"Tempting Secrets"
"Teller of Tales"
"Virtues Instrumenti"
"On the Shore"
"Steel Rods"
"Battle of the Titans"
"Despair and Triumph"
"Dama May"
"Black Vortex"
"Hero Down"
"Lost Frontier"
"Oppressive Gloom"

Season 2 Edit

"The Gateway" Edit

"Belly of the Beast" Edit

TBA Edit

The Haunted Shorts Edit

"Armenbrine" Edit

"Red Keep" Edit

"Armen's Prelude" Edit

"Armen's Reveal" Edit

"Armen's Corruption" Edit

"Armen's Wraith" Edit

"Memories (Short)" Edit

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