"It is said to hold many great riches!"
Grayson to Drake

Lost Crypt
Type Crypt
Location * Near a Desert Temple, the Badlands
Owner Unknown
First episode "Journey to the Red Keep"
Latest episode "Journey to the Red Keep"
A Lost Crypt is a place in Season 1 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

The Lost Crypts are some crypts which Grayson wants to find because they apparently contain great riches. One of them so far has been found, near Uldin and it's Desert Temple. It was a smaller crypt, not one of the Great Lost Crypts, and contained many zombies, plus a map of a nearby location. There was also a random lever inside, which did nothing. Grayson commented upon discovery that it probably was not a Great Lost Crypt, and instead was just a minor crypt.