Luke is an character indirectly mentioned in The Haunting 3: The Legend of Herobrine who worked at the Arctic Base, along with his fellow employees Grayson, and Collin.

The Haunting Adventures Edit

The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting Edit

Arguably being the "first person" person in the movie instead of Drake, this character was helping Grayson find an unknown assailant, who went missing after Collin did. When they looked around in the rig, they saw blood. The blood was in a trail that led up the stairs of the rig. After, they turn on the alarm and the two see something. They look up at a hill and see a mysterious man. When Grayson heads back to the buildings, Luke focuses on the person and sees that it is Herobrine. A few moments later, after a possible attack from Herobrine, he apparently crawls down the stairs, but dies when he reaches the ice (this scene is not shown, but at the end of the movie there is a trail of blood and a sideways screen facing it).

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