Magic Library
[[Image:Magic Library Map|258px]]
Type Library
Location Unknown regions, Minecraftia
Owner Unknown
Employees Unknown
Address N/A
First episode "Reunion (mentioned)"
Latest episode "The Gateway (mentioned)"
Appearances 2 episodes
7 mentions

The Magic Library is a library including lots of magical items and information, situated somewhere in Minecraftia.

Overview Edit

This library is supposedly full of magical information. Drake and Grayson believe this may include information on how to hatch Grayson's dragon egg, as well as some information about diamonds, such as how exactly the Sacred Diamonds work.

After saving Armen, the Magical Library would be the most important thing in Drake and Grayson's quest. However, During their quest to save Armen, they did go to the Magic Library to find Armenbrine there with the three Sacred Diamonds. After one of the diamonds were destroyed, the library, which was built on a volcano, erupted and released all of its magic to the world, warping anything in its path and causing crazy things like resurrection and forming islands.

History Edit

Prior to The Haunted Edit

Little is known when or how this was built, but it stored massive amounts of magical items and requires two trials to enter it; one which tempts the person of what they want the most by sacrificing, and the second showing what seems to be a false version and requires a door to be opened.

"Reunion" Edit

Drake and Grayson discuss this location as their secondary objective to save Armen.

"Journey to the Red Keep" Edit

Grayson mentions this location as they walk to the Red Keep.

"Catacombs (Part 2)" Edit

The group finds a map that connects to Grayson's map of the Magic Library.

"The Hunt" Edit

The group continues talking about the library as they head to Grayson's home to match up the maps.

"Infiltration" Edit

The group goes to hijack an airship to fly to the Magic Library.

"Temptation" Edit

The group completes a trial before finding what seems the library.

"The Magic LIbrary" Edit

The group finds out about Collin and Drake's relation, and they enter the real library, where they recover as much magical items as possible, as well as finding out the location of where to hatch the Dragon Egg, and defeating Herobrine by destroying one of the three Sacred Diamonds, as they all were gathered there by Armenbrine himself. Since it was built on a volcano, and one of the diamonds was destroyed, it created a huge eruption.

"The Gateway" Edit

In the aftermath of the eruption, massive amounts of magic was released, causing the world to quake, open gateways to dimensions, and create or move locations around. This is what Drake calls a Cataclysm.


  • LegitxxGlitch was the main builder for the library.
  • Originally, the library was supposed to be in a building rather than a mountain.
    • The old library was scrapped due to its location and size (it was small).