Magic is used by Drake and Armen as well as other monsters and mages throughout the world while Grayson and Mia as well as people who were influenced with magic or create the items use magical items for fighting, transportation, and beneficial methods throughout The Haunting/The Haunted series.

Known Users Edit

The Haunting: Minecraft Movie The Haunting: Second Life The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine The Haunted The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine

Magic Users

  1. Herobrine
  1. Herobrine
  1. Herobrine
  2. Enderman
  3. Wisdom Tree
  1. Armenbrine
  2. Drake
  3. Nightmares
  4. Light Spirit
  5. Herobrine
  1. Drake
  2. Demons
Magical Item Users
  1. N/A
  1. Armen
  1. Armen
  2. Grayson
  1. Drake
  2. Grayson
  3. Mia
  4. The Empire
  5. Paganums
  1. TBA
Places of Magic
  1. The House of Herobrine (Basement, where The Sacred Diamonds are located)
  1. The Three Biomes
    1. Snow Temple
    2. Jungle Temple
    3. Desert Temple
    4. Central Temple
  2. Herobrine's Throne
  1. The Arctic Base
    1. The mountain
      1. The portal
      2. Ice cave
  2. Iron Mrye
    1. The Church of Notch
    2. The Imperial Forge
    3. Herobrine's Lair (where The Sacred Diamonds are located)
  1. Temples of The Badlands
    1. Drake's House
  2. Grayson's House
  3. The Red Keep
    1. Magi Guild
    2. Vision world (in the beginning of episode 5)
  4. The House of Herobrine
  5. Catacombs of Armada
  6. Unknown library (in episode 9)
  7. Troll cave
  8. The Mountain
    1. The Magical Library
  1. Temples of The Badlands
    1. Drake's House
  2. The Grand Nether Portal
  3. Skyscraper

Items and Abilities Edit

(not done)

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