Vital statistics
Type Currency
Effects Highest value in currency
Source Platinum
Cost to buy 1 Marque
100 Sovereign
10000 Florin
1000000 Shillings
Cost to sell 1 Marque
100 Sovereign
10000 Florin
1000000 Shillings
Marques (also known as the Platinum Coin) is a form of currency in the Badlands and the Empire, being the highest in value.

Grayson owns eight marques, which Drake believes to make him rich. According to Drake, with that amount of money Grayson could afford a "really nice home in the centre of the Empire", but was told that he could not because Grayson was on the run from the Empire and any house he could buy they would burn. He may believe this because his own house there was burned.

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