For the episode of The Haunted, see Memories.
Memories (short)
Season N/A, Episode 1
Production information
Production code 101
Written by Gamecrown
Make-Up Artist Kendell
Set Designers Kendell
Video Editor Gamecrown
Directed by Gamecrown
Broadcast information
Original air date June 13, 2017
International dates Released worldwide

"Memories" is a non-Minecraft short animation for The Haunted, created by Gamecrown and Kendell and making its debut on June 13, 2017, on Gamecrown96's YouTube channel.


Sometime either between the events of The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine and The Haunted or between the events of "The Magic Library" and "The Gateway," Grayson returns to his former home in the Empire, which is found destroyed, and decides to stay there for the night. He then receives flashbacks of his family's demise.


Grayson Animation

Grayson finds his destroyed house in the Empire

On an unknown date, Grayson arrives back at his former home, and then decides to take shelter for the night. He starts a fire, and then receives a flashback of the night that he was attacked by Empire.

Grayson's Old House Fire

Grayson's house in the Empire on fire

His house was blazing with fire, and Grayson was shocked to find his wife and son captured by Crusaders of the Empire. His wife was in tears.

Remembering what happened, Grayson is depressed, and as the moon rises, he gets another flashback.

Grayson's Family Executed

Grayson's family hanged in front of Grayson

He walks through the crowd, under a hood so that nobody can catch him. The crowd was watching two people, a mother and her child, be executed through hanging. Grayson sees that they're his wife and son, and rushes to rescue them, but as he arrives there, a finger snaps, and his family was executed right in front of him. Armenbrine, the executor, then reveals himself to Grayson, who then runs away from the area, being pursued by crusaders. Having no choice, he jumps into the water, and falls unconscious.

Grayson was washed up onto a shore where a forest resides.

Episodic InformationEdit


  • This is the very first debut to The Haunted where the game Minecraft has not been used.

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