This article is about the character in The Haunted. For the voice actor, see Bunsfactory.
Background information
First episode "Sunken Treasure"
Latest episode "The Magic Library"
Voice Bunsfactory
Character information
Full name Mayadriel
Other names Mia
Age 127 Years Old
Occupation Archaeologist, Traveler
Love Interest
Home Forests (Treehouses)
Relatives The Red Queen(hinted, not yet confirmed)
Pets Unknown
Eye Color Lime
Allies Grayson, Drake, Paganum
Enemies Herobrine, Armenbrine, Nightcrawlers, Nightmare, The Empire, The Emperor, Zombie, The Mercenaries
Likes Traveling, Finding Ancient Artifacts
Dislikes Herobrine, The Emperor
Powers and abilities Unknown
Weapons Thalia (Iron Cutlass)
Quote Is there anybody in there?
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Mia is an affable, sympathetic, young Elf, who works professionally in Archaeology. While in a job to retrieve a lost artifact, she met Drake and Grayson who helped her along with her mission. Once they recovered the antique, Mia decided to stay and assist Team Haunted to help defeat Herobrine from Armen. Mia officially joined the main cast on season 1; episode 6 (Sunken Treasure).


The Following is the history of Mia.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known yet, but it can be assumed she grew up in the Elf villages in the high tree tops of her homeland, but it has begun to be hinted at that she may have actually spent her early years on the sea. It's been hinted that she may have spent her years as a child on board the pirate ship "The Star Emerald", as the captain was her older sister, only known to us as The Red Queen. It is thought that when the ship was attacked by Herobrine, and it went down, that Mia was rescued by a crew member and taken back to the elven cities to grow up. At some point in her life, Mia was taken captive along with 4 other elves, to be taken in as trophies for The Emperor. However, after sometime one of Mia's good friends from within the palace helped her escape from the clutches of The Empire .

Which has been Presumed to happen after these events, Mia received a job of Archaeology and became a professional.

While on an expedition near the Red Keep , her team found an ancient chalice, worth quite a lot if it is given to a museum or even the empire. Soon after her team's discovery, Armenbrine attacks the red keep and manages to destroy Mia's entire archaeological crew during the attack on the keep, and the chalice is also stolen from her after she recovers at a small inn near the red keep.


Season 1: DrakeEdit

Mia first made her appearance in Sunken Treasure where Drake and Grayson met her at a tavern. She reviled that she was an archeologist searching for an artifact, but due to the destruction of the Red Keep, she lost her team. She offered to pay Drake and Grayson a Marque if they helped her find the artifact. She was very excited when the two found the The Holy Grail, the lost artifact. She claimed that since the artifact has been found she has nowhere else to go and joined Grayson and Drake on their journey. They filled her in on Herobrine and Armen which she first claimed as a myth. But after further explanation she believed them and even noticed Armen in the shadows! If you look at the top right side of the screen, you'll see Armenbrine just lurking in the shadows like a ghost. After Drake woke up he was told by Grayson that Mia had gone up ahead, and he should go meet up with her. Drake did, and after finding Grayson, the three set off. Later on in the old city of Armada, Mia remarks that they should keep track of Drake's headaches, so if the get worse the know were he stands with Herobrine. In the Catacombs, she was very excited when she reads all the old artifacts and sees the tombs. She seems fascinated by the people they found in the water and doesn't notice the Nightcrawlers. After Drake wakes up, the group head off looking for an exit. The Nightcrawlers (who are now more vicious) attack them several times, in which they get lost. While heading back to the room with the tablets Mia remarks that she's very dizzy, and gets lost numerous times, in which either Drake or Grayson have to stay behind to help her. After going in loops, the group again reach's a new tomb with enough artifacts to keep the wealthy for the rest of their life. They get attacked again, take the artifacts and jewels and leave. They again reach the room with the tablets, were Grayson tells Mia to light a fire. She struggles to do so but lights the fire. Then after going into the portal she exclaims that "Did you know that was awesome?!....Have I ever told you how awesome that was?!" The open the secret door in which the find a new room surrounded by lava. Grayson gets a new sword, and 4 Marques, Drake gets a whiff of magic and Mia gets an old broken helmet. After reading the book, she concludes that the map must lead to the magical library. (Not Done)

It mia

Mia's first appearance.


Holy grail excitement

Mia, excitedly examining her latest archaeological find.

Mia is a friendly young lady, who's comfortable atmosphere brought a sense of calmness to Drake and Grayson who sincerely needed a break. She is passionate about her line of work, as shown when she squealed with joy when the two heroes came back up from the depths with the Holy Grail artifact. She is a very bubbly person, and is very very curious, meaning that Drake and Grayson literally have to pul her away so she doesn't stumble onto anything bad.

Mia is also a bit of a daydreamer and tends to wander off on her own. Such as the time whenever she, Drake and Grayson where in the catacombs and trying to escape, but she found herself to be very distracted and even ended up daydreaming and "zoning out" fairly often.

She is mostly fearless, as when she and the two men are attacked, she shows little sign of panicking or freaking out. Only in the catacombs did she show any hints that she was worried about any possible danger.


Mia's has a fair complexion, with grass green eyes. She has long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and the tips of her locks fade into a light pink. She wears a pink tunic of sorts over a white shirt and leggings.

In t"Resurrection," She has leather shoulder pads, a backpack, and leather gauntlets and boots. She has two long pointed ears, both pierced with a light blue hoop earring. On her chest is a triangular emblem of sorts, representing The Triforce from The Legend of Zelda series, and her hair was cut short to the length of a regular boy's head

Episode AppearancesEdit

The HauntedEdit

Season 1: Drake

Alive or DeadEdit

Alive or Dead: Alive

Is ninja rolling her way through enemy territory at the moment.

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