Biographical Information
Full Name Angelina Jackson
Nickname(s) Drake's Sister
Sex Female
Birth date Unknown
Born in Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color
Hair color
Occupation YouTube
Role Herobrine (bloody form, Second Life)

Mittens1 was the actress for the Bloody Herobrine at the end of the Haunting 2: Second Life.

Overview Edit

The following is from Mittens1 herself. Please do not change.

She's a flipping nerd.

She has a bird.

Fandoms fandoms everywhere.


Lots of regrets

Drake doesn't like the noise of nails against chalkboard. <----

Trivia Edit

  • Mittens1 is RejectedShotgun's sister in real life.
  • The following is from Mittens1 herself. Please do not change:
    • Point I know mittens She likes pie
    • She edited this soon after she saw it, hello. <3
    • This was brought to her attention and holy crap she's so grateful she didn't expect this at all.

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