WARNING!!! THIS PAGE CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! This page is for easier editing and the general information of the entire series in chronological order.

Before The Haunting Edit

The Haunted: Armen's Prelude Edit

This is about Armen finding a cheap, affordable house for his family. He finds one and they live there. Armen starts noticing how strange his brother Collin is acting towards his family, lashing out at them occasionally and doing other unusual things. One night, Armen wakes up and finds blood on the ground in his house. He rushes up to his parents' room and finds a book. He reads it, and then gets attacked by Herobrine, but escapes.

The Haunting 1 Edit

The Haunting: Minecraft Movie Edit

This is what Drake and Armen think was the beginning of all the horror and dangers that they had to endure had started. On the first night, they start seeing monsters mysteriously dying. On the second, monsters attack their home. And on the third, they investigate their basement, finding that it goes deeper and finding the Sacred Diamonds before being pushed into the void.

The Haunting 2 Edit

The Haunting: Second Life Edit

Drake and Armen find themselves inside another dimension called The Three Biomes, which have temples and such. After finding each other, they head out, using information from The Old Man in the Woods, to go to each temples, and surprisingly finding the Sacred Diamonds. After fighting monsters and going through dangerous areas, they head to the central temple and find a passageway that they head into, finding a Nether portal at the end. After going in, they find themselves fighting Herobrine, as well as monsters. They soon seemingly kill him, but he resurrects. They have no way out until one time they kill him, they get the item to escape. Upon escaping, they are captured by Herobrine and Drake is given two choices. Kill Armen and spare Drake, or have both of them suffer for eternity. Drake chooses the second option.

The Haunting 3 Edit

The Haunting 3: COLLINCAM Edit

This shows Collin going into a cave at the Arctic Base and getting lost. He recorded this while going through the cave.

The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting Edit

After Jacob goes missing, Luke and Grayson go out and find him. Luke wants to make an interview video on him. Af (Not Done)

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