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Nightcrawlers are shadow looking creatures with black eyes and white teeth that live in the Catacombs under Armada. They are about the size of the average human and look slightly like the smaller version of Nightmares.

Nightcrawlers have the ability to seemingly merge through walls and dig passageways for themselves to go through. They are Passive/Aggressive and only attack if either you're around them too long or if it attacked first. They are very strong creatures and could kill someone in a few hits with Poison Darts.

(Official name for these creatures is unknown, but they were called Nightcrawlers by Mia in episode 7 where they first appeared)


Nightcrawlers are speculated to be the creatures that haunted Armada, before Herobrine destroyed the city. The citizens built the catacombs to hide from the creatures that plagued them, but failed when the "spirit" were trying to get into the Armadan Walls. Somehow, they entered the Catacombs and made many holes through the walls. People covered them up, but were uncovered the next day. The population of the people slowly decreased, until one person "Artorious, The Minister of Safety Defense" was left and forced to leave to the people as he was the last official.


Nightcrawlers seem to be peaceful "spirits", but can be easily dangerous if threatened. They can be Passive and not harmful only if you don't stay around them too long or hit them. They posses sadistic personalities and seem to be afraid of people, but are strong enough to attack them.


Nightcrawlers are about the size of the average human and look slightly like the smaller version of Nightmares.

Episode AppearancesEdit

The HauntedEdit

Season 1: Drake


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