The Paganum race are humanoid creatures who appear in Season 1 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

The Paganum are a mysterious race of human-like creatures who always wear robes, walk slowly, have large noses and unibrows. They are also known to speak Paganum and usually mix with humans, except in places where the entire population are Paganums, such as the Red Keep. They are mostly known to be males.

History Edit

Most Paganums are known to live throughout the Badlands, however, many of their villages were attacked and destroyed by Herobrine, or now known as Armenbrine.

Uldin Edit

In "The Haunted: Armen's Corruption," Armenbrine's perspective is seen, looking down upon the village as it gets attacked by Zombies and destroyed by the fire which he had set off.

In "Reunion," Drake stumbles upon a village known as Uldin, which had been attacked days before. The only known survivors are Pigs, however, no residents reside in the village.

Mortem Edit

Mortem was mentioned to have been attacked and destroyed in "Reunion" and "Journey to the Red Keep," however, it wasn't seen.

The village has many large holes and overgrowing plants. This has only been seen in one of the informational videos about The Haunted's release.

Unnamed Village Edit

Another village, this time without a name, was seen being attacked in "The Haunted: Armen's Reveal" and "The Haunted: Armen's Corruption." This village was attacked and explosives were set off, nearly destroying the entire area.

Red Keep Edit

The Red Keep had been populated completely by Paganums, and although there are large numbers, most of the place was run down and disrepaired, due to the lack of skills of which the Paganums possessed in carpentry. They had "Libers," and Inn, Lonk's Mail Service, a Magi Guild, and other places. However, in "Witnesses," this was attacked and then abandoned by Herobrine, leaving nobody around. Some survivors were known to have crossed the Bridge to the Empire before it collapsed.

Inn at the Bridge to the Empire Edit

There is a small Inn at the Bridge to the Empire which was managed by Paganums. This was seen in "Sunken Treasure," where Mia was staying at.

Sword Repair Edit

In Drake's dream in "Origins," the Blacksmith is found to be a Paganum rather than a human.