The Portal was a mysterious artifact inside a ruined city near the Arctic Base which was activated by Grayson using a book. Originally believed to have lead Grayson, Drake and Armen to a new dimension, they exited in the ruins of Iron Mere, a country presumably destroyed by Herobrine after the city fell to the Herobrine Cultists. Later, after discovering the destroyed, leaky railway station underneath the Red Keep, Drake and Grayson began to believe that it had actually lead them, instead of a new dimension, far into the future, so far technology has been completely forgotten and almost entirely destroyed. This was later proven when they discovered the House of Herobrine close to the Red Keep.

Dating Years Prior to Entering the PortalEdit

Although the series never mentioned precises Years, The time dates in the series can be figured out through the official time when Grayson, Drake, & Armen entered the Portal. [For Example: On 2 BP (Before (Entering The) Portal) Drake and Armen bought a new house in a small village that was predicted to be haunted by the Herobrine. 7 Years later on AP (After (Entering The) Portal) Drake and Grayson started getting haunted by Armenbrine] For more Information on Year Dating please visit this page -> Year Dating