RShot Team
Leader RejectedShotgun
Members RejectedShotgun
my minecraft ss
Nickname(s) N/A
Years Active 1 year
Former Members RejectedShotgun
my minecraft ss
Origin Creation of The Haunting
Active Until 2013 More
Website [N/A N/A]

The RShot Team was a production group for The Haunting series. They have produced The Haunting: Minecraft Movie and The Haunting: Second Life in 2012 before it went into ownership of The Admin Chickens in 2013.

Overview Edit

The RShot Team consisted of five members. The first known members are RejectedShotgun, xikroniczz, and Collincz. They have produced The Haunting through the use of Minecraft.

History Edit

RShot Team formed around 2012, created by RejectedShotgun for the production of The Haunting.

The RShot Team have produced 2 movies in The Haunting series and 1 short in The Haunting series.

Members Edit

Former Edit

  1. RejectedShotgun
  2. Xikroniczz
  3. Collincz
  4. Mittens1
  5. My minecraft ss

Productions of The Haunting Edit

Movies Edit

Movie# Movie Part# Aired Prod. Code YT Channel
1 The Haunting: Minecraft Movie 1 February 17, 2012 101 RejectedShotgun
2 The Haunting: Second Life 1 February 19, 2012 201 RejectedShotgun

Shorts Edit

Short Aired YT Channel
"Brine" July 29, 2012 RejectedShotgun

Trivia Edit

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