Red Keep

Grayson and Drake discovering the damage done to the Red Keep by Armenbrine

The Red Keep is a "keep" inhabited by a race called the Paganum, who do not look after it well and cover broken parts in houses with wood and hope for the best. It is one known entry into the Empire. It is well known for the thieves that thrive there and for being the most hospitable way into the Empire from the Badlands. It was destroyed partly by Armenbrine and completely abandoned by the Paganum during the Haunted Episode 3 "Witnesses", and an abandoned railway station was found underneath some ancient ruins during the Haunted Episode 4 "Time." After Armenbrine's attack, the place was taken over by the Cultists, who turned it into a mining ranch with slaves, trying to dig something out from beneath it.

The Red Keep is known to have a marketplace, an inn, a guild (entitled the Magi Guild), the gallows and a mail service.

Mentions and ViewsEdit

The following is a list of times the Red Keep was mentioned, or seen in the Haunted.

Episode 1Edit

The Red Keep was briefly mentioned before Drake and Grayson decided to head there first.

Episode 2Edit

The Red Keep was mentioned often, as they were heading there in this episode.

Episode 3Edit

The first view of the Red Keep. In this episode it was also destroyed.

Episode 4Edit

Drake and Grayson headed into the Keep to see what destruction had been caused. They also found the Railway of the Red Keep underneath it.

Episode 5Edit

They briefly went through the Red Keep to get into the Empire.

Episode 6Edit

Grayson mentioned the Red Keep was taken over by Cultists, which they warned Mia the archeologist of.

Episode 6.5Edit

Mia mentioned that she was glad they hadn't camped close to the Red Keep.

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