The Red Keep is a civilized area in the Badlands of Minecraftia.

Overview Edit

This place was mainly inhabited by the Paganum race, with some travelers, mages, and archaeologists before it was abandoned after Armenbrine's attacks. A couple of days after, the Cult of Herobrine takes over and transforms it into a excavation site, forcing anyone who opposes Herobrine/Armenbrine to mine for an unknown property.

Under the Red Keep is one of the few surviving locations of the Modern Era, which appears to be a Subway system. It contains contents such as journals of the previous events and items such as guns and food from that era.

This area is known to be the only official way into the Empire from the Badlands, as all other routes involve being smuggled in or other methods.

This place includes an Inn, a Marketplace (known as the Liber), a Magical Guild (known as the Magi Guild), the Gallows, and Lonk's Mail Service.


Not much is known when or how this place came to be, but it is said to used to also have Human residents at some point in time, before most of the population consisted of Paganums.

Due to Paganums lacking the skill of Carpentry and Engineering, most of the place is run down and wood is simply patched onto a damaged part or the structure is completely abandoned.


The Red Keep was briefly mentioned before Drake and Grayson decided to head there first.

"Journey to the Red Keep"Edit

The Red Keep was mentioned often, as they were heading there in this episode.


The first view of the Red Keep. In this episode it was also destroyed.


Drake and Grayson headed into the Keep to see what destruction had been caused. They also found the Railway of the Red Keep underneath it.


They briefly went through the Red Keep to get into the Empire.

"Sunken Treasure"Edit

Grayson mentioned the Red Keep was taken over by Cultists, which they warned Mia, the archaeologist of.


Mia mentioned that she was glad they hadn't camped close to the Red Keep.